A short story of August 13, 2012

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All I can do is freeze
When you come with your grief
In this summer breeze

You know it’s hard
But this is my part
To hold your card

(A short story of August 13, 2012)


Wrong Way

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When I follow my thought,
I am super duper happy.
When I realize,
I am on the wrong way

I can’t avoid my thought,
I can’t avoid my hope,
And I wish I am unconscious.


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I want an apple

Apple that you eat

Eat with your girl

Girl that you love

love that not for me

just friend

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If I can, I want to start from the beginning. I can’t be your enemy. I can’t close my eyes as I don’t see you. I can’t just silent and say nothing; It makes me sick. Now, I know that we can’t work together as a good team-work. Now, I realize that God makes us because He wants us to be best friends and share everything. Being a partner in a work is bad thing. We can’t walk together.

If I can, I just want to be your best friend. That’s all.

If I can, I want to end my work and be your friend!

Hello world!

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